Dr. Nishiguchi and his staff were amazing and delivered great care.

Maritza R.

Why is my dentist's office so cool? My son and I have been patients for about 10 years. Dr. Nishiguchi, Jane, and staff are so personable; it's almost like family! Yesterday's routine cleaning went like this: I heard Queen and Bowie over their sound system while getting a paraffin hand treatment during a cleaning. They offer a menu of extras to make the process so much more bearable. Besides a hand treatment, you can ask for a massage cushion, a blanket, earplugs, etc, that can make you feel comfortable. A hot towel at the end of the treatment is so refreshing.

Not only do they have these spa-like extras, but the way Dr. Nishiguchi and his hygienists (I currently have Janice and she is a sweetheart) perform the actual dental treatments with such care and precision. I've only had cleanings there but in addition to cleanings, my son has had an extraction. He did not like going to the dentist until he started going their office but they are so friendly and professional that he doesn't feel apprehensive about visiting.

I've also had pleasant surprises with friends whom I didn't know were also patients until I saw them there.

I can't recommend Dr. Nishiguchi and staff enough!

Michelle U.

Great dentist!!

I love the perks. Does your dentist offer free paraffin hand treatment and Netflix while you're in the chair?? Mine does. They have a really cool Beats headphone/glasses thing that you can wear to watch Netflix.

I'm definitely not afraid to go to the dentist. I get my teeth clean and cavities filled VERY comfortably.

When Dr. Nishiguchi gives me shots, I can't even feel it!! He is very good at administering shots. It might also be that watching something on Netflix is a really great distraction.

Highly recommend! Everyone there treats me like family.

Mari N.

I'm not a big fan of going to the dentist in general, so when I find one that I actually don't DREAD going to see, you KNOW he's good! Dr. Nishiguchi is the BEST. Not only do I not dread going, but the staff here (including the dentist's wife Jane who serves as the receptionist as well as a hygienist) is exceptionally warm and welcoming. I have a weird quirk that I cannot stand cotton balls in my mouth and they are completely willing to work around that and not make me feel bad...haha. For that I would give them 10 stars!

Rupali E.

Dr Kurt is the best. I was visiting and he came highly recommended from friends that live on Oahu. He and his wife went above and beyond to accomodate me. They even came in on their day off. I am forever grateful for the amazing service. Thank you! W McGahan

Lisa M.

Dr. Nishiguchi, Jane, and all staff are so friendly. Dr. Nishiguchi is very knowledgeable, takes his time to listen to my concerns. Good atmosphere, clean office, and very relaxing place.

Karmeg C.

Absolutely amazing customized service from Dr. Kurt, Jane, Susie and staff! They are very professional and friendly! Very gentle teeth cleaning practices and great results with brite smile! Lots of parking, easy to find location and clean office! Highly recommended!

Naox P.

Laudable from Dr. Nishiguchi (excellent) to hygienist (wonderful) to office staff (terrific). Just had a crown re-do and sailed right through it while enjoying a movie with goggles provided (and they have a quite a collection of movies :-).

Alma K.